About Us

Underusing the talent, skills, visions and knowledge offered by women is no longer an option – we need to work together, women and men, to design our future

Women Shift Digital is developed by Ghislaine Boddington and Marie Proffit to celebrate women in digital careers, network the networks and influence the influencers

We have designed a programme of work, including a series of debates, conferences, mentoring, workshops that specifically addresses this imperative need for young women and women to be empowered to join the growing digital/technology/media world as active and successful professionals.

We work in the UK, in Europe and internationally.

Our vision

Women and girls, equally to men and boys, need to be able to take advantages of the massive opportunities and knowledge offered by the tech revolution, to join innovative careers in business across sectors, to build confidence, ambition and risk taking aptitudes. The future of coding, design and content creation needs to be equally influenced and created by women and men.

We are encouraging women and girls to become Tomorrow’s successful producers, communicators, educators, coders, digital artists, designers, curators, writers and creative. This is the right point in time to recognise and celebrate the greater benefits gender balance is bringing to the digital and tech marketplace in terms of creativity, user design and economic added value

Our Team

Women Shift Digital is led by body>data>space Ghislaine Boddington and Marie Proffit and our growing team

As a female led interdisciplinary design collective, body>data>space and its Creative Director, Ghislaine Boddington are recognised as international long term figures involved in the women in technology debates and networks, promoting and supporting the work of many female artists and researchers.

Since the early 90’s members of the body<data<space team have demonstrated passion and expertise in mentoring young women and girls through the delivery of  learning experiences.

Our history


May – Women in Tech panel and 2 day intensive workshop at KIBLA in Slovenia as part of Robots and Avatars EU programme

October – Ada Lovelace Day event at the Newington Green Unitarian Church to launch Women Shift Digital programme of work in the UK

November – Women Shift Digital Conference – Produced and curated by body>data>space, hosted and supported by Level39 / Canary Wharf, Streaming Partners: Kinura, Media Partner: The Huffington Post UK. Partners: UK Trade & Investment, QA, Canary Wharf Arts and Events, IntelligentHQ


March – Tech City International Womens Day – Presentation of Women Shift Digital as part of the 20 women exhibiting work from the tech & creative industries to help raise money for Solace Women’s Aid.

November – Women Shift Digital Catalyst event – dedicated to WOMEN IN CREATIVE DIGITAL INNOVATION, on Friday 21st November 2014 hosted by the National Theatre.

WOMEN SHIFT DIGITAL dedicated website launched powered by Intelligent HQ. A dedicated website with live feeds (twitter, RSS) of global trending topics around the Women in Technology debate. It features reports, videos, articles, blog contribution by invited authors and live feeds.


March FutureFest – curation of 30 women presenters into the Debate Room and a dedicated panel “The Gender Setting”

May – Women Shift Digital at Digital Shoreditch

July – Women Shift Digital Debate at the House of Commons with Jenny Dearborn, SAP and VIP guests