Get ready to fly! Ghislaine Boddington at TEDxLimassol

We are thrilled to announce that Women Shift Digital Creative Director Ghislaine Boddington has been invited to deliver a TEDx Talk as part of TEDxLimassol in Cyprus on Saturday 3rd October 2015.

Ghislaine’s first TEDx talk will be dedicated to THE INTERNET OF BODIES – CHOREOGRAPHING THE FUTURE. She will explore talk about her lifelong passion with sense enhancement and how, through a digital duplex of body data (biofeedback, gesture, haptics), we can create positive alliances for humanity as we evolve into living interactive canvases.

Ghislaine’s talk is streamed live on Saturday 3rd October at 7.30am GMT. Watch the live stream on the TEDxLimassol website here

TEDxLimassol 2015 at the Rialto Theater promises to be daring and provocative by bringing on the stage true heroes that will share their ideas and inspire us to wear our own capes. The True Heroes theme meets three of the most essential TEDTalk objectives:

– To democratize knowledge and science

– To stimulate and arouse audiences around the world

– To spark deep discussion and connections

You can follow the conversation @WomenShiftDigi