Join Women Shift Digital at Digital Shoreditch NEXT day

Women Shift Digital are happy to announce that they will take part to Digital Shoreditch 2015 NEXT day on Wednesday May 13th.

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Join us to partner and to celebrate women in digital careers and creativity!

Underusing the talent, skills, visions and knowledge offered by women is no longer an option we need to work together, women and men, to design our creative future. Ghislaine and Marie will introduce you to Women Shift Digital network and next activities in the UK, in Europe and internationally.

Talk presented by Ghislaine Boddington (Creative Director and Curator) and Marie Proffit (Associate Curator and Creative Producer)

Digital Shoreditch and the NEXT day

Digital Shoreditch Festival is a two week mass-community celebration, inviting the entire world of tech, creative and all their converging industries, from around the world to East London between 11th – 24th May. On May 13th travel and explore powerful ideas from the multiverse world of tech with scientists, artists, futurists, entrepreneurs and visionaries, all asking the question – What’s Next?

The NEXT day will be packed with exciting presentations and talk, here are some of our picks for the day, from the morning to the evening: Tomorrow’s Familiar by Rachel Wingfield (Loop.pH), The Internet of Things with Eric van der Kleij (ENTIQ), Simulation Singularity – when simulation faithfully mirrors the real world? by Andy Fawkes (Thinke Company Limited), The New Bionics by Luke Robert Mason (The New Bionics), Food Futures by Morgaine Gaye (Food Futurologist, Living Source Ltd).

Where and when to find us: Shoreditch Town Hall / Mayor’s Parlour, Wednesday 13 May, 3:50 pm – 4:10 pm

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