Outbox Incubator: It’s all about collaboration!

The Stemettes Outbox Incubator has started this week and Women Shift Digital had the immense privilege to open it with an active session on the value of collaboration and co-creation process.

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Women Shift Digital have been proud supporters of the Stemettes and their Incubator from early stage. As you know we recently advertised their call for application on this website and were also part of the jury involved in the applications’ selection.

In a nutshell, Outbox Incubator is an initiative by Stemettes supported by Sales Force to provide seed funding, intensive mentorship, and support to talented girls aged between 11 and 22 who have innovative business and technology ideas. Based in London, the incubator will run over the 2015 summer holidays ( from July 26th to 5th September) with regular meetups every six weeks for the following year. Outbox is an internationally focused programme with 45 talented girls from across the UK, Ireland and the EU taking part each week. Each week takes 45 girls of which a proportion are be resident in the Outbox house.

Ghislaine and Marie kicked off the Incubator on Monday morning by introducing the group of girls to our collaboration methodology in which everyone is a creative and active participant, respectful of others level of knowledge and background. We also explained them what is the I/We syndrome and why it is key to recognise that ideas flourish from the group and don’t belong to individuals. In a true collaborative process we are all learning and teaching at the same time and one should bring ideas and skills in the middle as new ones will naturally come back in return.

Of course we know a lot as individuals, but as a group we know even more and that’s how we can release super powers together!

One of our main points was the added value of diversity (in our case linked to age and culture) which enables a group to be more creative, think outside the box and challenge its baseline knowledge.

Through a series of examples, group exercises and discussion, we collected some words  and visions on the value of collaboration from the girls and we assembled them in a pledge:

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 17.34.44

The girls genuinely amazed us with their open and visions on cooperation and collaboration. Looking at how well these young generations are thinking, there is no doubt the future will be bright and collaborative!

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Well done girls and enjoy your digital summer!